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Embark on a journey of engineering excellence with Quantum Kurv, where our Utilities Drawing Design services redefine the landscape of infrastructure planning and implementation. At Quantum Kurv, we transform your visionary concepts into meticulous and precise drawings, ensuring the seamless integration of diverse utility systems that power and support modern living.

Our Services

Water Supply System Design
Comprehensive drawing outlining water pipes, valves, and connection points. Details include pipe diameters, materials, pressure zones, and connection points.
Detailed drawing illustrating treatment tanks, pipelines, pumps, and plant components. Specifies flow paths, treatment stages, and equipment placement.
Layout of electrical cables, transformers, switchgear, and distribution panels. Highlights power distribution, voltage levels, and safety measures.
Drawing depicting pipelines, control valves, pressure regulators, and safety features. Specifies pipeline materials, pressure points, and safety measures.
Outline of telecommunication cables, distribution points, and network equipment. Includes cable routing, connection points, and specifications.
Illustration of streetlights, electrical connections, and control systems. Specifies lighting fixtures, power requirements, and placement.
Drawing detailing stormwater drains, gutters, and catch basins. Specifies pipe sizes, slope gradients, and connection points.
Outline of solar panels, inverters, and electrical connections. Includes panel orientation, shading analysis, and electrical diagrams.
Illustration of fire sprinklers, pipes, and water supply connections. Specifies sprinkler types, pipe materials, and hydraulic calculations.
Design for compressed air pipes, pressure regulators, and connection points. Specifies pipe diameters, pressure specifications, and safety features
Drawing outlining CCTV cameras, security lights, and control panels. Specifies camera angles, coverage areas, and connection points.
Illustration of vacuum inlets, pipes, and collection units for a centralized system. Specifies pipe materials, vacuum unit locations, and maintenance access points.