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We deliver large-scale Data solutions to turn them into valuable business insights

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We are a UK Based CAD Company offering complete CAD Services to our clients.

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Enabling data as a strategic business driver

Quantum Kurv Data Analytics services support organizations to manage and process large amounts of data efficiently.
Our expertise lies in transforming your Data Pipelines to manage data from various sources, such as databases, Cloud platforms, and streaming data sources, to your Data Warehouse or Data Lake.
Our expertise lies in transforming your Data Pipelines to manage data from various sources, such as databases, Cloud platforms, and streaming data sources, to your Data Warehouse or Data Lake.

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We Develop Custom Database Solutions

We develop all kinds of database software solutions, providing custom-tailored database platforms to all industry types and business sizes.

Data Warehouse Software Development

Develop advanced data warehouse software solutions to ensure data integrity by readily identifying informational inconsistencies and reporting critical insights.

Distributed Database Software Development

Create reliable distributed database software solutions for companies to manage structured, interrelated effectively, and physically distributed files.

Operational Database Software Development

Engineer powerful, custom-tailored operational database software solutions that allow users to modify mission-critical data in real-time.

End-User Database Software Development

Engineer custom database software solutions for end-users to maintain, query, update, and generate reports in easy-to-use spreadsheet files.

Analytical Database Software Development

Our experts offer sophisticated analytical database development with business intelligence software solutions optimized to provide fast query response times and advanced analytics.

External Database Software Development

Design and develop external database software solutions for managing large licensing schemas and other types of data where high performance is required.

Data Consistency

Implement database solutions that maintain data consistency across database copies and applications, ensuring that multiple instances have the same data.

Autonomous Databases

Your custom database will incorporate autonomous and multifaceted commitment capabilities, keeping data accurate and ensuring compliance.

Database Locking & Concurrency

Implement database locking and concurrency mechanisms to maintain data integrity and reduce the potential for conflicting database changes.

Our Data Engineering services expertise

Cloud Data Platform

Create a future-ready Cloud-based Data Architecture for enhanced performance and scalability. Our services help you establish a data-driven decision-making ecosystem by leveraging partnerships with Snowflake and AWS.

Data Science

We assist you in exploring data domains, designing MLOps architecture, implementing ML platforms, scaling, & integrating data models while ensuring ML model explainability and fairness across the business.

Data Platform Implementation

Empower your data-driven journey with our integrated, secure platform. We customize solutions from strategy to insights, collaborating with top providers like Snowflake, Splunk, Cloudera, and others to expedite your journey toward becoming a data-driven enterprise.

Data Lake and Data Warehousing

Set up your Custom Data Lake effortlessly with our Big Data technologies, both on-premise and in the Cloud. Our Custom Enterprise Data Warehousing services ensure organized and structured data integration across your entire ecosystem.

Data Governance

We assist clients in harmonizing data with their business objectives and evaluating the level of maturity in their data management functions. Our goal is to create a technology roadmap that ensures data-driven governance and compliance with privacy regulations.

Data Visualization

We help our clients uncover insights from complex data and transform it into easily understandable and accessible information. Monitor business-critical KPIs on interactive & real-time dashboards and enable your business to make data-driven decisions with real-time analytics.

Custom dashboards

With Quantum Kurv, our drag-and-drop user interface and intuitive dashboard exploration empowers everyone to easily build, explore, and deliver insights. Quantum Kurv provides smart calculation and charting options based upon your specific data set so you can easily visualize data in a way that is best suited for your analysis. Additionally, dashboards can be customized to match your desired look and feel. Images, text, videos and links can be added to any visualization to make insights actionable with the click of a mouse.

Data Visualization

Track metrics, embed dashboards, widgets, and filters into applications in a fully customizable and interactive experience.

Empowering Business with Generative AI

Generative AI encapsulates the transformative impact of leveraging advanced AI technologies to drive innovation and efficiency across various industries. By harnessing the power of Generative AI, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth.


Unlock the potential of ChatGPT-4 for your business with our advanced AI services. Enhance customer support, boost sales, and improve engagement with our ChatGPT-4 integration. Stay ahead in the digital era with our innovative chatbot solutions powered by ChatGPT-4. Revolutionise your business strategy with the latest in AI technology and drive success with ChatGPT-4.



Enhance audio processing with our Whisper-powered transcription services. Get precise, AI-driven speech-to-text conversion for superior content. Choose our solutions for efficiency and accessibility in the digital era.

DALL-E & Stable Diffusion

Elevate your brand with DALL-E and Stable Diffusion: AI-generated visuals for unique, captivating content. Harness our services for cutting-edge imagery and stand out in the digital landscape.

Your vision, our process

Make your data actionable to enable insight-driven decisions with our Data Engineering Consulting services.


Agile & Adaptive

We can rapidly increase bandwidth or access additional expertise by bringing in talent that can ramp up within days rather than months.

Dedicated OSDC

Using our offshore, onshore, nearshore, and hybrid OSDC locations worldwide, we have successfully delivered over 250 projects.

Rapid Development

We facilitate digital innovation through fast prototyping, iterative development, design thinking, and agile DevSecOps

Flexible Engagement

Whether it's co-development, fixed price, or T&M, choose the optimal working model that suits your business needs.


Get a 30-minute, no-cost strategy session with a Data Services expert!