Visualize data within seconds using interactive BI dashboards

Quantum Kurv users can combine data sources, add filters and turn information into insights in just a few clicks.

Create BI dashboards with the world’s #1 analytics platform

Data Visualization

Track metrics, embed dashboards, widgets, and filters into applications in a fully customizable and interactive experience.

Custom dashboards

With Quantum Kurv, our drag-and-drop user interface and intuitive dashboard exploration empowers everyone to easily build, explore, and deliver insights. Quantum Kurv provides smart calculation and charting options based upon your specific data set so you can easily visualize data in a way that is best suited for your analysis. Additionally, dashboards can be customized to match your desired look and feel. Images, text, videos and links can be added to any visualization to make insights actionable with the click of a mouse.

Interactive visualizations

While good looking line charts and bar charts are table stakes, how you explore and take action from those charts is where your team can turn data into action. All dashboard visualizations are able to speak and interact with each other so you can filter or drill down into any insight to answer your questions, when you need it.


Empowers users to easily turn data into actionable, analytic applications. Prebuilt templates help customers develop highly customized visualizations with a few clicks. An SDK makes it easy to access many API capabilities to create highly customizable app-like functionality and let users take action in external applications from within their own dashboard. All within a low-code environment.


Quantum Kurv supports a variety of ways you can share your data with other users. We make it easy to share dashboards through a URL from the Sisense web application or by sending via email. In addition, users can schedule automatic reports to send. Widgets can be exported, and users can create and customize PDF reports.